Friday, January 31, 2014

Thing 2: Mobile Device Tips

Exploring the features and tips and tricks of my Acer Iconia A 200 has been educational. As I was trying to locate tips and tricks for my device, I ran across this Amazon link to get the Amazon free app of the day. I noticed you can also subscribe to the site--I didn't.

I took a second look at the owners manual and refreshed my memory on several things and learned  a few new things. Who new that I had a hidden compartment for a micro SD card? I learned how to take a screen shot (click the icon that says screenshot) and how to change some settings when taking a picture. I will look into photos more when we get to Thing 9. Cleaned up and discarded a few apps I do not use.

When looking on the android forums, I found info on Tethering and Rooting. I will research these to find out the pros and cons and which apps to use. Tethering will connect the 3G device to a WiFi only device so a person can get WiFi through their 3G device.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More about the blog

I tried diligently to get my blog configured with a template, etc. to no avail. I tried a different computer and it worked like a charm. Ironically, I was using Google Chrome and could not quite get the blog working properly. I am using Firefox now and am able to write a post other than just in the title box. My advice if you are having problems, try a different search engine and/or a different computer.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thing 1: The Beginning.

Just started 23 Mobile Things and the initial setting up of the blog went very smoothly. (I think I have another blog from 23 Things on a Stick). The hardest part so far has been to decide what to name my blog. Tomorrow I shall try to add some pizzazz to this blog site. Also, I need to look into the basics of fonts, font size, etc. Now I will write down the name, URL and password of this blog so I do not forget it.
I hope to get familiar with more of the mobile devices and apps so I can assist library patrons.

Thing 1. Done